July 21st, 2012
08:58 AM ET

Fiscal cliff: Biggest threat to U.S. economy

Partisan politics and congressional inaction has led the U.S. economy to the dire situation it's in today.

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July 20th, 2012
03:35 PM ET
July 15th, 2012
03:50 PM ET

Can tax reform create jobs?

Kevin Hassett, an economic adviser to the Romney campaign, argues that lowering taxes helps increase economic growth.

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July 14th, 2012
01:28 PM ET

Congressional dysfunction: Who's to blame?

Serious discourse in Washington has been replaced by partisan politics. Ali Velshi wants everyone to know who is responsible.

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July 14th, 2012
01:26 PM ET

Fact checking tax cut claims

Obama and Romney have differing views on the Bush tax cuts. Ali Velshi and Christine Romans analyze the arguments.

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July 14th, 2012
10:47 AM ET

This week on Your Money

The economic storm Ali has been warning you about is getting closer to our shores, and the dispute over taxation in this country is making things worse.

The president's proposal to extend the Bush tax cuts only for families earning less than $250,000 is being called a job killer by Mitt Romney and Republicans. They say it is squeezing small businesses, the engine of job creation in this country. Ali takes a deep-dive into the reality of small business job and wealth creation to expose the myths and truths behind the battle over the Bush-era tax cuts.

Fareed Zakaria joins the program, along with Norm Ornstein, Will Cain, Christine Romans, and Kevin Hassett of the Romney campaign.

Your Money with Ali Velshi airs Saturday at 1pm ET and Sunday at 3pm ET on CNN

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July 13th, 2012
03:29 PM ET

Velshi: You can't have a tax cut

The federal government has mismanaged the budget for years. Ali Velshi explains how this rendered tax cut economically infeasible.

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July 10th, 2012
04:53 PM ET

Long-term strategies for U.S. stability

Ali has explained how access to cheap and ample credit enabled people to out-spend their means and could be responsible for the current state of the U.S. economy.

Now, Raghuram Rajan and Chrystia Freeland discuss strategies that could create economic and political stability in the U.S.

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July 8th, 2012
01:53 PM ET

Congress taking its responsibilities seriously?

Former Congressman Lee Hamilton and CNN's Ali Velshi search for solutions to Washington's partisanship.

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July 7th, 2012
01:09 PM ET

Smart investments for a low-return environment

Like Congress, Wall Street has a history of not acting until it's too late. You may not have that luxury. Just remember what happened in 2008 when you looked up and half your 401(k) was wiped out in a matter of weeks.

The American consumer is feeling the fear and when consumers stop spending, businesses stop hiring.
Add to that a slowdown in emerging economic giants like China and India, and even the biggest global companies like McDonalds and Nike start taking it on the chin.

Consumer cyclical stocks are the first to react to the shifting economic winds, and that's where Zephyr Management's managing director Jim Awad says you should put your money if you think the economy will improve.

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