April 5th, 2013
02:11 PM ET

Q&A: Biggest cheer and fear?

In the final installment of Q&A, Ali Velshi and Richard Quest discuss America's economic outlook.

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April 5th, 2013
01:21 PM ET

Farewell, Ali Velshi

Ali Velshi delivers a heartwarming goodbye and offers a look back at his 12-years spent with CNN.

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April 3rd, 2013
04:23 PM ET

Aereo: taking TV mobile

Imagine watching live TV anywhere you can take your cell phone. Aereo’s streaming service allows you to do just that, but is it legal?

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April 2nd, 2013
03:25 PM ET

Smartphones will remotely control your life

From turning on lights to changing TV channels to starting your car, smartphones are able to control more of our lives.

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