July 12th, 2013
04:36 PM ET

Obamacare punt: Delay or death knell?

We know Obamacare's employer mandate has been delayed. What remains to be seen is how the law will affect jobs, if at all. Christine Romans asks Stephen Moore and Dean Baker for their takes.

July 12th, 2013
04:29 PM ET

Stock market highs, global worries, & other headlines affecting your money

Christine Romans and Richard Quest discuss headwinds coming from Europe and China, and how the U.S. will be affected.

Filed under: Your Money
July 12th, 2013
03:01 PM ET

Small business on Obamacare: There's nothing affordable about it

Zain Asher talks to business owners about the extra year before they must offer health insurance and the changes they want to see in the meantime.

July 12th, 2013
02:30 PM ET

Expect higher prices at the pump

The temperature is rising and so are gas prices. Christine Romans explains why you might be seeing a 20 cent hike on the gallon.