October 25th, 2013
05:01 PM ET

Wall St. soars, Main St. shrinks

Wall Street continues to make steady gains but slow job growth and low consumer confidence means middle class Americans have been left behind. Christine Romans asks Jake Tapper and Greg Valliere whether we can depend on government to bridge the gap.

October 25th, 2013
04:02 PM ET

Les Gold tells Washington how to seal a deal

Last time Les joined us he showed off his best negotiating tips on the streets of New York. Now he's back with more deal-making pointers. But this time he's teaching Washington. Christine Romans enlists the star of truTV's "Hardcore Pawn" in her mission to pave Washington's path to compromise.

October 25th, 2013
03:20 PM ET

Choo choo! It's Money Time

The government shutting down means your tax refund might be late. But if your pickup lines are getting shut down you might be late to the online dating scene. Even model trains have gone digital. All aboard! Christine Romans is your Money Time conductor.

October 25th, 2013
03:06 PM ET

Tech stocks: Stay put or get out?

Love 'em... or leave 'em? After a whirlwind week for tech stock, Matt McCall gives Christine Romans the scoop on which ones he'd buy and sell.

October 24th, 2013
12:14 PM ET

Dollar menu dilemma

The golden arches are looking a little dim. With heavy competition and a tough economic climate, Christine Romans explains why McDonald's might need to keep its eyes on the fries.

October 22nd, 2013
01:21 PM ET

Economy adds 148,000 jobs in September

September's jobs report was late thanks to the government shutdown, but the modest gains were on track. Christine Romans reveals why this time the unemployment rate went down for the right reasons.

October 21st, 2013
05:44 PM ET

JPMorgan deal: What you need to know

Why is JPMorgan Chase liable and for what exactly? Will Jamie Dimon lose his job as CEO? Can JPMorgan afford the fine? Your questions are answered.

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October 21st, 2013
05:43 PM ET

New iPads: What to watch for

Apple is expected to unveil the next generation of iPads on Tuesday. Here's what to expect of the new iPad 5 and iPad mini 2.

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October 18th, 2013
06:17 PM ET

The countdown to crisis continues

Congress narrowly avoided a default disaster. But only by extending its own deadline: just more short-term thinking about long-term problems. Christine Romans, John King and Greg Valliere forecast what the next round will look like in February.

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October 18th, 2013
05:45 PM ET

Tweet, tweet! It's Money Time

From panda trades to public trades: China will swap you a bear for an export deal and Twitter will be getting traded itself, on the floor of the NYSE, that is. Don't worry, you don't have to bargain with Christine Romans, Money Time don't cost a thing.

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