January 17th, 2014
04:11 PM ET

Kon'nichiwa, it’s Money Time!

Jim Beam is turning Japanese. Will it be good for the liquor brand? Japanese company Suntory Holdings really thinks so. And Pizza Hut is going New York? The chain is now offering its pies by the slice. Christine Romans has all the money headlines you missed on this week’s Money Time.

January 17th, 2014
03:52 PM ET

Is Reaganomics making a comeback?

"The rich take care of themselves," New Gingrich tells Christine Romans. Less regulation and less red tape are the key to getting the economy going again.

January 17th, 2014
02:26 PM ET

Is the American Dream just fantasy?

For the first time, a majority of Americans believe they won't have a better life than their parents. Christiane Amanpour and Candy Crowley discuss why America is the most unequal amongst all the industrialized nations, both in income and opportunity.

January 17th, 2014
01:37 PM ET

The business of being Mark Wahlberg

'Lone Survivor' is nominated for two Oscars and is on pace to earn over $100 million. The film's star and producer, Mark Wahlberg, knows something about box office bucks - his career of movies has earned almost $3.4 billion. But Wahlberg's Hollywood business all started with some 'Good Vibrations'.

January 17th, 2014
01:34 PM ET

What would you pay for a phone that sees 5 minutes into the future?

In a week where Google made moves to capture the future, we've got one for them. And a little market research to boot. What would you pay for a phone that lets you see five minutes into the future?